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SR1 helps labels speed up their administration work with features like metadata management, royalty statement creation, and sales analytics.
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SR1 for distributors leverages all the functionality available in SR1 for labels and extends it to support music distribution.
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SR1 for publishers provides users all the tools necessary to manage income coming for your musical assets with features like musical works management, publishing income processing, and the ability to manage writers/publishers/admins for each work. 

Manage sales data and meet reporting obligations

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Ingest and store data in one place

Ingest data from any platform, normalize the data, and store in one central place. SR1 collects a complete history of your business.
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Produce accurate royalty statements quickly

Process sales statements and use the data to create your royalty, distribution and publishing statements.
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Manage deals, catalogs, music assets, and contacts in one system

With PaymentHub, all of your non-employees can be paid directly with secure, digital payment.

Catalog Management

Easily manage your music metadata and deal terms. 
  • One central source for all business data
  • Easily access historical sales data
  • Export reports to CSV and PDF for analysis

Deals Management

SR1 has flexible deal management tools that allow you to enter royalty rates by territory, release type, delivery type, physical/digital sales, and more!

Pay royalties on PPD, Retail, Income Share, Average Price. Maintain reserve rates, expense recoupment, license rates, and more!

Daily And Historical Sales Analytics

SR1 produces graphical reporting of historical sales data for better analysis and decision making.

Royalty Calculations & Statements

Quickly ingest all sales data from any platform and normalize everything into a common format.
  • No more spreadsheet and manual work
  • Quickly generate statements from ingested data
  • Keep complete history of all statements

Support For Most Digital Service Providers and Distributors with Ongoing Updates

Each accounting period, you may receive hundreds of different sales statements. SR1 supports direct upload of many vendor statements and organizes the data into a common format that is used for royalty reporting.

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What Our Clients Say

“When we started our business in 2020, it was clear that our volume of payments and particular reporting needs could only be served by Exactuals and its impressive royalty platform. Our clients expect first-class service and technology and Exactuals facilitates our proprietary solutions to them without interruptions from complex financial elements.”
Sean O’Malley
Sean O’Malley
Regard Music

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