Simplify complex royalty and claims payments

Pay thousands of non-employees quickly, accurately and securely. PaymentHub manages complex payments (residuals, royalties, marketplaces, etc.)
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SaaS for Complex Payments

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Speed up slow processes, save costs

Automate slow manual paper processes. PaymentHub handles real-time or batch payments and distributes directly to payees via check, ACH, IACH, Paypal or Wire Transfer.
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Improve and manage PII security

PaymentHub handles all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and payee registration data. PII is never made available to your company, which alleviates compliance requirements on your business.
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Provide transparency to customers

PaymentHub provides unique reports and dashboards for payers and payees. Share data that helps to answer most questions before they are asked.
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Payer Portal

Already works the way you work, just faster

Data Workflow with XML Templates

Easily handle real time payments, or batch payments with ease. Batches can be formatted and securely uploaded directly from Payer Portal to Exactuals for payment execution.
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Registration, security, and updates of sensitive payment data are handled entirely by Exactuals.
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Automated Workflow
Data workflow with XML templates. No need for paper or manual processes.
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One aggregate check can be issued and a wealth of data about each residual is made available online.
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Realtime Transparency
Real time payment status & reporting.
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Centralized Id Management
One payee profile for an entire industry (secure account registration).
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Real time
Payee Portal allows payees real time access to a full history of their payment data.
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All tax docs in one location for a given industry.
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PayeE Portal

Add self-service functionality

Direct Deposit

Onboard payees quickly with direct deposit, which is faster, and more secure. PaymentHub also supports paper checks if direct deposit is not an option. PaymentHub supports both domestic and international ACH.

Document Center

All customer tax docs in one location. Tax time is a nightmare for payees and payers alike in complex payment industries. While the IRS requires payers to send a paper tax document to each payee each year, online access to a centralized tax data eliminates the need to resend the docs again and again due to lack of receipt, change of address, or change in management.
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Additional Features

Identity Vault

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Keep everything secure

PaymentHub handles all PII data, the payer no longer needs to handle and store sensitive information. Your data is encrypted and stored in servers secured by bank-level protection.


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Full visibility for both payee and payor

PaymentHub provides unique reports and dashboards for payers and payees (managers, accountants, and delegates). Answer most questions before they are asked.

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What Our Clients Say

“When we started our business in 2020, it was clear that our volume of payments and particular reporting needs could only be served by Exactuals and its impressive royalty platform. Our clients expect first-class service and technology and Exactuals facilitates our proprietary solutions to them without interruptions from complex financial elements.”
Sean O’Malley
Sean O’Malley
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