Payee Portal

With PaymentHub, payees are granted access to a unique portal for controlling their payment profile and accessing their comprehensive payment history. The goal of the PaymentHub Payee Portal is to empower the payee to answer their own questions immediately, without involving the payer. 

Payee Portal Features + Functionality

Centralized Identity Management
One payee profile for an entire industry (secure account registration). In industries such as the music space, one payee may be paid by a dozen or more companies. Historically, changing your payment profile meant contacting a dozen or more payroll departments across the country.

With Exactuals, one change in one secure location is all it takes to update your data for the industry.

Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit is faster and more secure than being paid by paper checks. While Exactuals offers both options, we strongly encourage all payees to choose the best option, and handle the on-boarding process entirely on behalf of the payers.

Aggregated Payments
Payers often select to issue payments on a regular interval such as monthly or weekly. With this payment rhythm in place, Exactuals can aggregate all of the payments for a given pay period.

Real time payment information
Payee Portal allows payees real time access to a full history of their payment data, complete with payer statements, when issued.

Document Center
All tax docs in one location for a given industry. Tax time is a nightmare for payees and payers alike in complex payment industries. While the IRS requires payers to send a paper tax document to each payee each year, online access to a centralized tax data eliminates the need to resend the docs again and again due to lack of receipt, change of address, or change in management.


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