Payer Portal

PaymentHub Payer Portal is the management interface for payers. This single location runs the entire platform for Exactuals' customers.

Payer Portal Features + Functionality

Identity Vault
No PII data is shared with the payer. Registration, security, and updates of sensitive payment data are handled entirely by Exactuals. This data is encrypted and stored in servers that are not accessible from the internet. The servers are leveraged by Exactuals during payment execution, but are never exposed to the web.



Automated Workflow
Data workflow with XML templates. No need for paper or manual processes. Exactuals can handle real time payments, or batch payments, which are more common in complex payment industries.  

Batches can be formatted and securely uploaded directly from Payer Portal to Exactuals for payment execution.

Aggregated Payments
Exactuals can aggregate payments for individual payees. For instance, an actor may receive fifty or more residuals payments in a single month. Historically, that meant issuing, printing, mailing and supporting fifty unique checks. With Exactuals, one aggregate check can be issued and a wealth of data about each residual is made available online.


Real Time Transparency
Real time payment status & advanced search with unlimited custom fields are available in PaymentHub Payer Portal. The platform provides real time tracking of both batch processing status, and payment deposit status.

The instantly available information helps customer service inquiries to be resolved on the first call.


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