Cloud-based software to make sure music rights holders get paid properly from tracking to payments processing.

Manage metadata with machine learning

RAI uses machine learning to find match any variation of metadata in your catalogue, so your works get properly attributed.
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Ingest, manage and calculate sales

SR1 ingests properly attributed royalty data, manages your catalog and calculates accurate sales royalty statements quickly.

Easily process residuals, royalties and claims

PaymentHub processes payments to non-employees at scale. Manage high volume payments like residuals, royalties and claims easily..
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Accelerate your music business administration work with SR1

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Data Ingest

Quickly import data from all major platforms into one unified location.
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Royalty Calculations

Calculate accurate consolidated royalty payments.
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Royalty Statements

Generate easy to understand Royalty statements without manual oversight.

Process high volume music royalty payments with PaymentHub

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Automated Workflow

PaymentHub handles real time or batch payments automatically without the need for manual intervention of paper processes.
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Direct Deposit

Securely deposit payments into payee accounts directly.
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Secure PII

PII is kept safe remotely with bank-level protection and encryption, removing the burden of having the payer having to maintain sensitive information.

What Our Clients Say

“When we started our business in 2020, it was clear that our volume of payments and particular reporting needs could only be served by Exactuals and its impressive royalty platform. Our clients expect first-class service and technology and Exactuals facilitates our proprietary solutions to them without interruptions from complex financial elements.”
Sean O’Malley
Sean O’Malley
Regard Music

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