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What Exactuals does for the Music Industry

Exactuals processes secure and rapid post-calculation royalties payments that can be established quickly and modified in real time, while providing cutting-edge reporting portals with the transparency that today’s artists and managers demand.

We serve the following market segments:

  1. Agencies
  2. Booking Agencies
  3. Venues
  4. Performing Rights Organizations (PROs)
  5. Licensing Groups
  1. Publishing Companies
  2. Record Labels
  3. Distributors
  4. Management Firms
  5. Business Management Firms  

Why the Music Industry Loves  Exactuals

Exactuals is the only provider of a flexible SaaS payments platform that resolves all the complex payment and reporting challenges posed by today’s constantly evolving music industry.


Key Industry Specific Features

Publishers + Labels/Distributors

Beyond easy payments to your royaltors and payees, our SaaS platform provides a way for you to interpret, compare, and analyze your streaming and revenue data to help you understand and see your sales trends, demographics and insights into what all those numbers actually mean.

Online Portal: Secure, white-labeled SaaS platform with your branding to access Dashboards, Royalties, Payments, Payment Batches, Statements and Documents.

SSO Integration: Single Sign On functionality to allow your Payees a seamless user experience.

Dashboards: View or export Publishing, Mechanical or Masters royalties income by period, top sources, territories or, other configurations.

BI Analytics: Crunch your big data from all income sources to increase revenue and focus marketing efforts.

Statement Ingestion: Pair digitized statements and detail statements with each royalty payment you make.

Role Based Access: Give multiple users in your organization access to manage your payment and royalty functions.

Payment Authorization: Decide the frequency of when you move monies to your payees (Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual).

Document Center: Distribute various documents (1099, W-8, W-9, announcements, images, etc.) to your Payees.


Online Portal: Your Payees can access their own label/publisher-branded portal with Dashboards, Royalties, Statements, Catalog and Documents.

Dashboards: View or export Publshing, Mechanical or Masters royalties income by period, top sources, territories or, other configurations.

Role-based Access: Payees can give access to their manager, business manager, assistant or spouse to view their royalties, catalog, documents, as well as update payment methods and address information.

Document Center: Payees can view and export their tax documents, announcements or other miscellaneous documents provided by their label or publisher.

Our Music Partners

With a variety of royalty software platforms available, Exactuals accepts all and has established strategic partnerships to bridge the gap and create a myriad of solutions for royalty payments with Exactuals.

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