No More Tiny Paper Checks!

It is time to modernize residuals distribution. Exactuals is leading the charge in partnership with unions, studios, and payroll companies to eliminate expensive and wasteful paper check processes in favor of paperless data solutions with Direct Deposit.  


Studios use Exactuals to process all complex payments types including Residuals and Participations. Exactuals takes care of:

  1. Payment settlement

  2. Union reporting

  3. Customer service

  1. W2 and 1099 reissues

  2. Escheatment


Unions use Exactuals for faster data ingestion and payment processing. Historically, unions have received millions of checks from studios and payroll providers. With Exactuals, unions receive a clean and standardized data feed that allows processors to quickly review and validate payments. Exactuals takes care of:

  1. Data standardization and ingestion
  2. Payment aggregation

  3. Statement creation

  1. Direct Deposit and Paper Check payments
  2. All payment related customer service


Talent receives all the benefits Exactuals provides for free. An online portal is available to provide real time information to payees. This data is the same data available to studios and unions, allowing for quick customer service resolution.



Business Managers have their own access to talent data for the first time in history. Once a Payee approves delegated access for their manager, the manager can review and ingest the data needed to get his job done quickly and effectively. Delegated access is available to all members of a Payee’s team, with union approval required.


Key Industry Specific Features


For the Studios

  1. Major cost savings
  2. Simplified union workflows
  3. Zero escheatment
  4. Centralized identity management
  5. Online tax documents

For the Unions

  1. Faster payments
  2. Full transparency
  3. Improved trust management
  4. Prepared for massive growth

For the Talent

  1. Direct Deposit
  2. Centralized tax documents
  3. Safer, faster payments
  4. Industry-wide payment profile

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