Payment data moves through calculation and verification in an automated process, allowing payments to be distributed in a matter of days rather than weeks (or months in some industries).


Payees register their bank account data in one location for the entire industry. The result is a simple and extremely secure payment platform. Benefits include aggregated payments, centralized tax document management, and centralized identity management.


Through software automation, payment aggregation, rich reporting, and Direct Deposit, Exactuals drastically lowers the costs of issuing and supporting payments for its customers.  In addition to lower upfront costs, Exactuals reduces customer service overhead and eliminates the need for costly practices such as "cancel and replace" payments and escheatment.


PaymentHub's online portal is a major win for payers and payees alike. We provide real time access to a shared data set that allows all parties involved in a transaction to get on the same page immediately. This level of reporting and access helps to answer questions before they are asked.

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