Software as a Service platform for Complex Payments

Exactuals helps big companies pay thousands of non-employees through our flagship product, PaymentHub. PaymentHub manages many forms of complex payments (residuals, royalties, marketplaces, etc.), all of which have the same essential requirements for success: Security, Accuracy, Transparency, and Speed.

Our SaaS platform securely registers your payees’ sensitive data, calculates payments based on your rules, aggregates payment data, and distributes direct deposit or paper check payments through trusted industry bank, City National Bank. Once the payment is made, all parties have access to fully transparent reporting using PaymentHub.


There are MANY reasons to use PaymentHub

Secure Payee Registration means that all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data is protected by Exactuals and never made available to your company, which alleviates compliance requirements on your business.

Exactuals automates the calculation process of complex payments with its proprietary rules engine. Rules registration is part of the on-boarding process. Once a rule is registered with Exactuals, it can be applied easily in high volume use cases.

100% of banking functions are served by Exactuals. We pay through Direct Deposit, Paper Check, PayPal, or Wire transfer. Payees are in charge of their payment method, while Payers decide when payments are executed.

Transparency is of the utmost importance when lowering the costs of payment processing. PaymentHub provides unique portals for payers, payees, and delegates (managers and accountants). The result is a shared set of real-time data that helps to answer most questions before they are asked.


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