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Exactuals works with all facets of the music industry to provide secure, transparent, and rapid payments. The payment landscape in music is changing rapidly and Exactuals empowers all stakeholders to set up and execute complex payments in a matter of days. Exactuals serves the following market segments:

  1. Performing Rights Organizations (PROs)
  2. Publishing Companies
  3. Record Labels
  4. Distributors
  5. Licensing Groups
  6. Agencies
  7. Management Firms
  8. Business Management Firms  
  9. Booking Agencies
  10. Venues


Our PaymentHub platform allows each of these organizations to manage their financial relationships securely and transparently. Exactuals takes care of:

  1. Secure financial account registration 
  2. Rules registration
  3. Payment calculation
  4. Payment execution
  5. Online reporting
  6. Payment customer service
  7. Escheatment


The music industry loves Exactuals because we provide a flexible platform for payments that can be established quickly and modified in real time to serve a constantly evolving marketplace. In short, we empower our clients to do what they do best, while handling the payment mechanics that can slow down otherwise agile companies.


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