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The new economy is enabling efficient marketplaces like never before; think AirBnB, Uber, and Lyft. One of the most challenging barriers to achieving scale with a marketplace company is building a secure and reliable payments infrastructure to execute transactions between buyers and sellers. Many companies wind up paying exorbitant fees to credit card processing companies to serve this function, when faster and more secure payment types can be leveraged more effectively and at a lower cost.

Our PaymentHub platform allows startups to focus on growing their businesses by handling 100% of all financial transactions and payments infrastructure. We can quickly onboard companies for the following services:

  1. Secure account registration of payers and payees: All credit card data, bank account data, and PII data can be registered, stored, and secured by Exactuals. This data is not made directly available to the companies, which leads to a huge savings in potential audit costs.
  2. Payment calculation and aggregation: Using established rules, Exactuals can manage payment accounts for all users.  
  3. Global payment execution: Whether the company wants to pay users monthly, on demand, or in real time, Exactuals has the solution. Payment types include Direct Deposit, PayPal, and even Paper Check.
  4. Online Reporting: Payees and Payers can have access to a highly interactive real-time reporting portal.  Exactuals’ customers see their customer service volume drop as a result of these self-service tools. And the calls that do come through are handled quickly and effectively.

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